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The Artists

 The renowned Austrian orchestra pt art Orchester Linz has already enriched many popular balls with both jounty and elegant tunes, such as the ball of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the Opera Ball or the Concordia Ball. Under the direction of Reinhard Hebertinger, the orchestra will delight the guests with a variety of classical, dance and big band tunes that will make the evening an unforgettable event.

The popular Viennese dance school Watzek will be responsible for the elegant choreography of our traditional Viennese ball opening, as well as for the quadrille at midnight – one of the highlights of every ball.

Cathrine Berle from Norway has been studying opera singing at Richard Wagner Konservatorium in Vienna since 2017. She does also study on a regular basis in Rome, Italy. Since young age, she has been singing in her hometown Bergen, participating in several opera- and vocal symphonic productions as a choir singer in Opera Bergen. 

Ellisiv Tandberg is a Norwegian pianist, currently doing her master's degree at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien. She has won several prizes in Norwegian competitions, as well as performing with orchestras such as the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. She has performed in concert halls in different countries in Europe. Among them is Musikverein, Wien, and the National Opera and Ballet, Oslo. 

Anna Breger and Wanda Leben play together as "Die Kellergeigen". Their repertoire consists of traditional Scandinavian dance melodies and folk tunes as well as long forgotten pieces of music of manuscripts from earlier centuries. They revive these pieces with a nyckelharpa, violoncello and violins – also in combination with dance.



For the last couple of years Anna Breger has been losing herself in the wonderful melodies of traditional (dance) music with her nyckelharpa and her violin. Coined by her studies in historic violin it has been very important to her to revive old traditional music. Her projects and performances range from courtly baroque music to accompaniment to historic dance music and Swedish and alpine folk music.

Wanda Leben has been living in Vienna since 2007. From there she travels to follow her fascination with traditional dance and music. Through her travels through Europe and the countless dance floors she has been dancing on she has gained valuable experience. Her focus lies on improvisation in folk dances as well as on the connection between music and dancers and between dancers with each other.

For years Anton Hacker has been travelling to different folk festivals in Europe as a dancer and musician to participate in workshops, to teach, and to be active in different dance formations. He has been inspired by the dancer Andreas Berchtold and therefore studied dance at the Eric-Sahlsträm-Institute in Sweden, which focuses on folk dance, Swedish folk music and dance education.

Judith Benkö has been fascinated by movement and music since her childhood. She developed her own style which includes elements from different dance genres. Through her passion for improvised folk dance she travelled to different folk festivals in several European countries. She graduated in folk dance from the Eric-Sahlström-Institute in Sweden.

Nordic Stalking‘s repertoire consists in songs originating from the North, but is not limiting itself to one specific genre: dances from the Middle Ages and Carl Michael Bellman’s famous visor are as much part of the choir‘s programme as Viking tales, ABBA and Astrid Lindgren.

The Heavy Metal Choir Kickin‘ their As(s)gårds was founded in 2016 after one of the choir‘s video clips – a Heavy Metal song – was particularly successful on Youtube. The choir usually performs in English but keeps joining the Scandinavian choir in projects every once in a while.

Both choirs are conducted by Mag. Stefanie Leitzinger.

After midnight, DJ Mario Derksen will get the party started and make you want to dance all night long in our disco in the lounge area.